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Press & Awards

"I was in love with GNOG the second I saw it"-Rock Paper Shotgun

"Weird and wonderful..." -Polygon

"The visual style of GNOG is explosive and fun,
filled with kooky monster faces that look like the best possible outcome of an ayahuasca trip" -Killscreen

"It's a kooky idea brought about with lots of style and verve..." -Eurogamer

Explore & Solve

GNOG is a playful puzzle game about exploring monstrous virtual toys. Press, pull, slide, grab, click, and rotate every GNOG head to uncover its secrets!

9 musical levels with whimsical puzzles to discover


A dynamic soundtrack composed by Marskye


Each level a unique hand-crafted experience


Play in standard mode or with optional PlayStation VR support


Coming to PlayStation 4, Steam (PC/MAC), and iOS

A musical journey.

Every level comes alive with a dynamic soundtrack carefully crafted by Marskye.

Experience VR.

GNOG is launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 with optional support for PlayStation VR out of the box. Playing face-to-face with every GNOG head, immersed in the hand-crafted detail and layered soundtrack, is the most unique way to experience the game.

"GNOG is one of the crazier Playstation VR games yet" - IGN

Remix a Track

PURP-L is an uncommon GNOG that doubles as a synth. Remix the music and drop the sickest track.

Explore the Deep.

SUB-01 is a water resistant GNOG that can navigate the deep ocean. Spin valves and activate the sonar to discover hidden treasures and new species.

Reach for the stars.

VRT-X, the space-faring GNOG, has suffered a critical malfunction. Rebuild it and find a way back home.